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As part of our comprehensive strategy of result-oriented content marketing, we create and share relevant pieces of information such as blogs, articles, press releases, emails, and infographics to promote businesses across verticals.

We don't just post content, we drive results.

How we accomplish your content marketing campaign


We plan well-documented content marketing strategies aiming at the results you want to achieve.


We write powerful, relevant content that speaks on your brand’s behalf in the entire cyberspace.


We promote your brand by reaching your target audience through promotion across owned, earned, and paid platforms.

Performance Tracking

We provide our clients with exact measurement, analysis and timely reports while powering up the performance of content.

Content Marketing

Creation and promotion of right content at right time to stimulate the interest of the consumer on entire sales funnel.

  • SEO Copywriting & InfoGraphics
  • AD Copy Writing & Presentations
  • Copy Editing & Social Media Writing
  • Blog Writing & Case Studies
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Frequently Asked Questions?

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is yet another vast field to be mastered for a company to grow. It involves creating engaging contents in various forms for your target audience. Content may be of several types and can be spread out on the internet for customers to perceive. Blogs, Articles, Website Content, Infographics, Magazines, Books, Videos, etc., are some of the key pillars of content marketing. Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media come hand in hand in Digital Marketing. For example, you will need SEO to make your blog, article, or a webpage rank. Social media can be helpful with promotions of content that interested people can share with their network.

At TechieJunky, we keep ourselves updated with latest trends of content marketing to bring business to our clients. In today’s’ world, it is a necessity to play along with current trends to stay alive in the market. As an example, people these days spend maximum of their time on mobile phones, so you can see how important it is to reach out to them via. mobile phones. We creatively design and sync content according to the target audience and help you to get maximum customer attention from the web.

We, as one of the best content marketing company of India, equally give importance to analytics, creativity, and hard work, to be where we are. Serving our prestigious clients with some top notch content marketing practices has been fun and successful as well.

How To Get Business Through Content Marketing

Great content is the key to business now a days. An average buyer spends a good amount of time online, researching about products and comparing them before finalizing a product to buy. This is when content comes into picture. If you are impressive and persuasive enough with your content, customer is going to consider you over your competitors. Our content marketing agency opens a whole lot of possibilities for our clients. We help you reach out to your customers through various means, and provide valuable content about your products/services. We target the customers through blogs, articles, social media, and many other sources by showing them vivid and valuable content, which will convince them that your product/service is better than your competitors’. An ideal content marketing campaign is supposed to work in a way where your customers have made up their mind to buy your products/services, before even contacting you. At TechieJunky, we provide the best content marketing service in India, to get audience attention, which in turn will bring business to you.

Brand Promotion and Content Marketing

Content Marketing, along with providing valuable information to customers, also promotes your brand name among potential customers. Our content agency creates blogs, articles, and other content on latest news, trending topics, etc. related to client’s business. These content are loaded with information that can easily attract viewers attention, and will leave an impression about your brand. People these days share whatever they like with their family and friends. Once you have their attention, they will then share your content on social media and other platforms. This will generate more impressions among people about your brand, thus creating a big deal of brand awareness. When you start getting seen more, people talk about you, and this phenomenon generates familiarity with brand. So, whenever they have the necessity to buy products/services that you offer, they will automatically think about you first because of the brand awareness.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Social Media helps boosting the impact of content marketing to a good extent. Social Media is where everyone is these days, so where else would you want your content to go. You can use social media to promote various types of content. If you want to talk about your products, latest news, random topics, or anything else, if it is relatable to your brand, social media will accept it for sure. All you have to do is share great content which can either inform or entertain the target audience. Where do you get such content? That’s right, you come to our content marketing company in Delhi. We provide engaging content for our clients that helps them create buzz on social media. One should must focus on social media presence because it is going to fetch you a lot of attention and business if you are sharing valuable content. Social media is a place where you can share almost all types of content, such as blogs, infographics, videos, text, and much more. And if liked by people, they will share it to their connections as well. Social Media has the power to turn your content into viral material if the content is engaging enough.

How To Choose a Content Marketing Agency For your Business in India

Any kind of business promotional activity thrives on content. As they say Content is king, it by default becomes necessary to choose a digital marketing agency that can help you flourish your business. There are certain factors that you must consider before choosing a content marketing company in India.

The first thing to notice is their website itself. A website talks a lot about a company, and if it answers almost all the questions arising in your mind, then you are definitely at the right place. If their website does not have content to persuade you, then how do you think they will persuade your customers?

You can also look for the amount of articles or blogs they have created till now. We, at TechieJunky, have till now published more than 20,000 articles for a variety of topics.

How good a content can be if it is not fetching organic traffic? Another thing to look into is the organic traffic being fetched by the content created by the content marketing services you have sorted out in your list. Wouldn’t it impress you if we say that our content fetch more than 500,000 organic traffic per month?

So, be sure to do your homework before you select a content marketing company for your business in India.

Adding Value to Content

“Value” is something that must be given value in Content Marketing. Before we jump into how we can add value to content, it’s important to understand what is Value in terms of content marketing. When you are adding exemplary information to content to make it attractive and engaging for the audience, it’s called adding value. There is already a pool of content on the web from your competitors, and unless your content has something more engaging than them, it’s not going to be a game changer. So, the question arises, how do you add value to your content? Very simple; you come to us, which is one of the best content marketing agencies in Delhi NCR. We begin from the basics, by analyzing competitors and their content. Based on the analysis report, we begin working for your brand. We aim at reaching to your target audience via articles, blogs, social media, infographics, videos, and various other means. We feed them the content that will lead them to look for more of it by providing information that can really get their engagement. If customers are intrigued by a content, they tend to share it, which in turn leads to more brand awareness and more business.

Storytelling is Important Part Of Content Marketing

Tell stories to promote your brand or products, and people will like it. Whenever you tell a story, you automatically get attention from audience. And the more attention your content gets, your brand will get more recognition. The advertisements you see on Television, are great examples of storytelling being used in Marketing. Some of these ads are so good, that you may even want to see them again. If you go on YouTube, you will find epic advertisements there with millions of views. People actually opened them deliberately to view them. This tells how important storytelling is in the world of digital marketing. But, storytelling is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of creativity along with multiple cup of coffees for content creators to come up with an idea which has not been already used or is not boring. Boring content can shoo off your customers, and that is something we do not do at our content marketing agency in Delhi. You can trust us with our content marketing and storytelling capabilities with the number of views we get on our content. We leave no stone unturned to get our clients to the top in their industry.

Content for Videos

Video has always been one of the great ways to deliver some information/entertainment to masses. And, carrying out promotional activities through videos is something a company must try.  But to create a video, you must have content. Be it an animated video, a tutorial, an informative video, product launch video, or just for entertainment, without content, you cannot proceed with video creation. Well, we are a Video content creation company and can create content for videos according to your requirement. Not only that, we can also carry out video creation and video promotion activities for brand promotion. Once a video is created, we will put it up on video hosting websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Social Media sharing of videos can also be carried out to get audience attention. These days, videos are given more attention on social media than any other type of content. Also, videos add more value to your content that just texts or even images. If someone likes your video, they are more likely to share it to their social media connections. So, once your video becomes popular, it will shared even more, hence boosting your company’s presence on social media networks.


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